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Standard User Malwaremike
(committed) Mon 27-Jul-15 18:17:13
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ADSL and fibre congestion

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Increasing reports of congestion prompt me to ask if congestion on fibre affects ADSL as well? Most people round here are on fibre and some friends complain of slowdowns in the evenings, though our PN ADSL service is generally fine for our needs at about 10Mb. Do the two systems share (say) equipment in the exchanges/gateways? Just curious.

We have considered upgrading to fibre but given Plusnet's growing reputation for cockups we've decided to leave well alone until renewal time. It's sad to see this once excellent company with its loyal core of experienced staff seems to be following the Ryanair model chosen by TalkTalk a few years back.
Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Mon 27-Jul-15 18:29:09
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Re: ADSL and fibre congestion

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As you mention PlusNet yes they will share the same WBC backhaul networks and PlusNet network too.

Across the BT Wholesale network the commit rates (traffic priority) is higher for FTTC and depends on which speed you order.

The PlusNet congestion is not an across the board feature, seems to be some gateways and some parts of the UK, and some very vocal people affected.

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