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Standard User RossMcG
(member) Mon 24-Aug-15 15:14:20
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In Fill Details

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I am on a long exchange only line and checking the Digital Scotland avidly on a regular basis I noticed that there is now a note against my address saying:

Fibre broadband is currently available to some premises in this area.

Digital Scotland plans to extend fibre broadband coverage in this area. Work under the Digital Scotland programme means that additional premises in this area are currently expected to receive fibre broadband in the period July to December 2015. Service availability is subject to available service provider product offerings and can be affected by technology constraints specific to individual circumstances. For more information and to order fibre broadband services, check with your Internet Service Provider or look on the Ofcom price comparison site

Is there any way of getting more information on this ?

I have also seen this : and as usual pretty vague and offers no ability to check if my area is included (and if they are definately going to address the long EO lines).

I am not holding my breath !

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