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Standard User FloppySock
(newbie) Fri 11-Sep-15 00:18:45
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Fast download/speedtests - Barely useable general browsing.

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Good evening!

I'm currently on an ADSL service however cannot determine the cause of the issues I am facing.

Essentially from a speed test perspective (BTW speedtest, etc) everything is fine - 10-14mbps down and 1.2mbps up. However any device connected to my router (Plusnet Sagemcom 2704n) cannot load most websites, stream videos, load apps (on phones) etc. This is on both wired and wireless devices.

I can run download tests on dummy files from various websites and the speeds are what is to be expected - downloads of around 1mb/s+.

Some websites load very slowly whereas some will refuse to load at all. Thinkbroadband for example doesn't load, however does through a web proxy, albeit still slowly.

I've tried using different DNS settings. Ensuring Firewalls are turned off etc however seem to have no luck.

The next option will be to try a new router however i'm waiting for that to be delivered tomorrow. I'm hoping this will be the root cause however any further input in the meantime would be greatly welcomed!

I should also mention that I cannot currently chase this as a fault with Plusnet. I have just moved into the property and (with the previous tenants permission) using his current Plusnet service. I am taking over the line and upgrading the service to FTTC in approx 2 weeks!

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Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Fri 11-Sep-15 07:26:03
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Re: Fast download/speedtests - Barely useable general browsi

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PlusNet had issues on Thursday, so if just that day it may be the effect of that problem(s)

What does the net tester is tuned to give better results even when things are slightly bad and the new non flash one we run is deliberately designed as a test for a modern style website

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