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Standard User Crosstrainer
(newbie) Wed 23-Sep-15 10:07:49
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Data extension cable needed?

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Apologies if this question is a little ‘low tech’ but I’m struggling to find a definitive answer:

We would like to replace our ‘standard’ broadband with fibre (not Virgin Media). Our Master socket (in the hall) has a blank face plate with a small ‘T’ in the top right corner. Hardwired from this socket are two extensions – one to the upstairs, the other to another socket (4m away) in the hall next to a power point. Both of these extension sockets are marked ‘BT PCS’. The current router is plugged into the extension socket in the hall, as is the telephone – both work fine.

We recently had electrical work done. In conversation the electrician (an ex BT engineer) was of the opinion that the existing telephone wiring was suitable for fibre broadband ‘as the extensions were hardwired and only the faceplate of the socket would need to be changed’.

More recently however a tech savvy friend saw the current set-up and felt that a data extension cable would be needed from the master socket to the hall extension - otherwise fibre broadband speed/reliability would suffer.

(NB existing telephone cable is at least 3 years old and likely to be older given the amount of paint over it).

Writing this, and from the reading I’ve done, I suspect a data extension will be needed? If so, do Openreach have to do this or could I get somebody locally who advertises telephone extension installation? This question is coming from an aesthetics perspective as ideally we’d like the wiring (data extension cable) hidden rather than tacked around the skirting board as I’m led to believe will happen if Openreach install the cable?

Any thoughts would be much appreciated.
Standard User Zarjaz
(eat-sleep-adslguide) Wed 23-Sep-15 10:43:13
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Re: Data extension cable needed?

[re: Crosstrainer] [link to this post]
I reckon your best bet would be to order an 'engineer install' from your fibre service provider. By the sound of it your internal wiring is 'teed' from the incoming point in the hallway, this can have a detrimental affect on FTTC service.

If you are feeling brave and can post links to photos of these various sockets you *may* be able to do something about it yourself.

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