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Standard User axesgamedev
(newbie) Fri 08-Jan-16 17:45:12
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Llanfrynach Cab 3 Information?

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Joseph here, I'm just wanting some information on a specific cabinet as I'm due to be moved over to it in the near future, llanfrynach cabinet 3 (an all in one) has now been installed in the village of Pencelli and has been hooked up to power, its taking ages to get fibre to it though tongue Llanfrynach is 1.5 miles away, following the cable, so I'm not surprised its taking a while. There are no existing ducts coming to our village (we don't have a gas main, water is the only utility delivered underground.) Getting the cable here has been repeatedly delayed because of 'blocked ducts' not that I think any exist.
What I wanted to know if there are any dates planned for the cabinet? I'm hoping that it'll be finished by june/july 2016 as that's when my current contract runs out. Problem is that at the moment I'm still on cabinet 2 so I can't retrieve information about the new cabinet!

Thanks for the help!

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Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Fri 08-Jan-16 18:04:50
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Re: Llanfrynach Cab 3 Information?

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If lots of duct work then its a case of keeping track of progress locally and via the roadworks sites if the council adds its data.

One blockage or 6m run of duct crossing a busy road can cause months of delays.

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