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Standard User tommy45
(knowledge is power) Sat 16-Jan-16 10:48:20
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Fake BT scammer calling from 0018598247965

[link to this post]
Had this number ring me each day for the past 3 days now , but as caller id won't display this number (though even if it did i would be suspicious ) and probably not answer it anyway, anyhow they rang again earlier(on a Saturday ) they got greeted with the handset being replaced immediately , they today decided to redial immediately to be greeted with the same response,lol
There are many reports of this being a scammer pretending to be BT broadband , there is at least one report saying that they have checked this number with BT and it has been confirmed it isn't BT , even though worryingly they knew the persons BT account number , but not their address details,

Thought i would give everyone the heads up, and give this a little greater exposure , then maybe the real BT may do something about, well we can only hope
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