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Standard User sandcastle
(newbie) Fri 29-Jan-16 21:53:10
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Openreach Communication Problem

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(or) Why is so useless?

We are on NDSAH Sandhurst exchange. The website gives this exchange as ‘We Are Exploring might consider co-funding’, i.e. ‘haven’t a clue, come back in 2020 or with some cash’ status. Whereas on the ground someone is evidently four of their own steps further on - having passed 'In Scope', 'Design', 'Field Survey' and arrived at 'Build'. Poles were planted before Christmas, with pretty yellow & black cables and fibre manifolds hung from them. A shiny new cabinet with power supply was installed in the middle of the village last week and another is due in the next few days. Trenches have been dug and ducting laid, and older ducting is being cleared of blockages.

If communication is an alien concept within OR, maybe their webmaster could check with Not the whole answer, but updated daily or better, and vastly more informative than their offer. There are six BT roadworks currently listed in the village. As for instance: ‘2 Feb – 15 Feb, A268, … Sandhurst PCP 10, 321304, Street Cabinet & Power Installation... Data source BT’.
Standard User MCM
(fountain of knowledge) Sat 30-Jan-16 02:01:05
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Re: Openreach Communication Problem

[re: sandcastle] [link to this post]
If this upgrade, which is clearly welcome, is being funded by BDUK or privately then that is the probable reason why the Where and When site is lacking useful information. Have you checked your local BDUK site which may be able to tell you more?

We have a community funded all-in-one cab in the process of being connected to upgrade our EO lines and the Where and When site gives no information instead relying on the community funding the upgrade to provide the information to those involved.
Standard User PaulKirby
(fountain of knowledge) Sat 30-Jan-16 21:10:19
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Re: Openreach Communication Problem

[re: MCM] [link to this post]
Its the same with FTTP areas, its either "We are exploring solutions" (i.e. stage 1) or its "Accepting Orders" and nothing in between.

You would of thought they would update it to support all of them wouldn't you, ah well.


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