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Standard User mjl123
(regular) Wed 23-Mar-16 13:17:26
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Virgin Media Road Works

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I noticed some green paint on the pavement by us, looked it up on and it says:
29 Mar - 31 Mar
Lay 42m of duct in footway and install 3 tees
Virgin Media
Reference number: NK100/SSEMFI/100095072

My first thought was that this means they're going to cable that road, but do "tees" mean the junctions off to the properties? If so 3 would no where near cover that road. My next thought was 3 cabinets, but that sounds excessive for 1 road (30ish properties). Does anyone know what this means? The other confusing thing is the paint on the pavement seems to indicate whatever they're doing will end halfway down the road.

Unfortunately my road is connected to Manor Park (newbuild road off existing road) but our road hasn't been adopted yet, so I doubt this will help us. If anything it makes things worse, as the BDUK cost-per property will increase, as more properties on the BT cab will be able to get Virgin!

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Standard User mjl123
(regular) Mon 06-Jun-16 19:49:49
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Re: Virgin Media Road Works

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They did actually just do those three houses, leaving the rest of the road uncabled. I guess they had spare capacity on their nearest street cab, but seems like a lot of work for three houses, you'd think if they're digging up the pavement they'd do the whole road, adding a new green cab as required.
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