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Standard User dragon2611
(experienced) Mon 04-Apr-16 09:52:34
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Openreach working Weekends at the moment?

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I did think about putting this in the Sky forum section but given it's more about openreach and they provide service to many ISP's I thought it might be better here.

Essentially I was supposed to migrate from Plusnet > Sky last Wednesday (FTTC>FTTC) but something went wrong and I got a rather confusing response from Sky stating that they couldn't find the dialtone and needed access to the DP in my building (Errm theres continuity from the FTTC cab to my phone socket as there's a modem connected and in sync)

Anyway they arranged an Openreach engineer for Today to come and finish the install, I have several SMS messages from Sky that indicate that they should be turning up today, so I was rather surprised when they actually turned up yesterday (Sunday). They were actually quite lucky to catch me as I was planning to go out, anyway engineer was nice enough, showed him there was already a line still in Sync with the FTTC cabinet and infact it had no dial-tone (First time I'd noticed, don't usually have a phone connected) so he went back and patched the Sky Voice service though to that existing port.

Broadband switched over at something silly like 3AM this morning (At least that's when Statuscake shows it lost ping from my old IP), but I'm guessing that's just a profile reconfigure on the R-DSLAM port.

Apparently Openreach would have called ahead but they hadn't been passed a contact number.
Standard User Ribble
(fountain of knowledge) Mon 04-Apr-16 11:43:01
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Re: Openreach working Weekends at the moment?

[re: dragon2611] [link to this post]
As tom jones might sing , "It's not unusual......" . they have people working every weekend
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