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Standard User thebigdolphin1
(regular) Sat 30-Apr-16 04:25:31
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Odd speedtest results with ADSL

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I was looking through my old results history and noticed that 2 years ago I managed to achieve speedtest results with a download speed greater than 6mbps (my connection never normally goes over 4.8mbps, and has never gone over 5.1). The results can be seen here, and were all nottingham servers (coincidence?).

I've been unable to get any speedtest results with higher than normal results since, however I have noticed an extremely low latency to RapidSwitch servers as can be seen here(my ping has never gone below 30ms before).

Is this normal and is there any explanation to this, or is there something weird going on?
Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Sat 30-Apr-16 08:15:19
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Re: Odd speedtest results with ADSL

[re: thebigdolphin1] [link to this post]
It may be rapidswitch is hosted on the same network as your ISP so latency wise is closer

The key piece is what is the actual sync speed of the broadband connection and is it ADSL or ADSL2+?

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