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Standard User Michael_Chare
(experienced) Sun 17-Jul-16 22:46:41
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Vodafone. Article in Sunday Times

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There is an article in the Sunday Times by Jeroen Hoencamp, Chief Executive of Vodafone UK entitled:

"BT has our ultrafast broadband future locked in a copper noose"

The first paragraph says:

In building a world-class infrastructure for Britain after Brexit, we should not focus only on roads, railways and airports. Of even greater importance is the need for this ountry to have a world-class fibre optic broadband network.

Which is a sentiment that I can agree with, and whilst projects such as expanding Heathrow and HS2 have their detractors I have not seen many who are against improving broadband.

It is just a pity that Vodafone offer an ADSL service where customers are forced to use the supplied equipment, and can not use their own.

This is a Link but you may not be able to read the whole article without a subscription.

Michael Chare
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