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Standard User wy2k
(committed) Sun 30-Oct-16 13:19:05
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browsers that reports how long a download took help.

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For the purposes of seeing how quick any given download takes I've been looking for an internet browser which times how long your download took by default e.g. Internet explorer 6?
All i've come cross so far is browsers that tell you how long till your download finishes leaving you to guess how long it took or having to use a stop watch.

So does anyone know of any internet browser that does what I'm after. Oh and the has to work with Windows 10.


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Standard User David_W
(knowledge is power) Fri 11-Nov-16 09:46:55
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Re: browsers that reports how long a download took help.

[re: wy2k] [link to this post]
Firefox will do what you want if you install the Download Status Bar add-on.

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