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Standard User thomaswarne01
(member) Wed 22-Feb-17 13:39:34
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Sky LLU Slow

[link to this post]
After a bit of help understanding this problem,
my mate has Sky Broadband LLU on ADSL2+ and the latency is 45ms,
gaming ping is always playing up and its not wifi issues, i have changed router, tried all to my knowledge which is why I am posting here,
but as soon as more than one device connects to any router gaming lag turns awful, people have to turn their phones off of the Wi-Fi regardless of which router in use, the problem to me points to sky, as my mate on bt never had issues even when on ADSL (in same village), now on fttc
line quality to me seems ok for the physical distance from the exchange,

Initially the first thing I thought it could be was the extension cable, which is 3 meters from socket by the door to the front room, it seems like this is not the problem because attenuation and line and same result happens regardless of the router being connected at test socket or extension,
stats are the same at the only extension socket vs test plate at openreach termination nte5,

Line stats seem ok, according to KITZ max speed calculator,

36.0dB att
5.9dB nm

21.4dB att
16.16dB nm

I have had many different situations over the years but I am stumped at this one,
why is the internet [censored]?
I have tried
ADSL only sync,
ADSL2+ only sync,

gaming lag is awful and I have never come across any internet connection as stupid as this, could it be Skys LLU network being useless?

when the contract with sky is up, I am helpling them change provider,
and I was going to recommend PlusNet FTTC 40/2 unlimited, they are not bandwidth hoggers as they manage fine with 8Mb adsl, its just the gaming lag that plays up and they say its never been amazingly fast, so any ideas?

BT FTTP Installed June 2016, 74Mbps down, 20Mbps up.
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Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Wed 22-Feb-17 14:56:38
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Re: Sky LLU Slow

[re: thomaswarne01] [link to this post]
What are the devices doing when connected to the router? Multiple devices connected and doing nothing should not case a problem

Do the issues appear if everything is using Ethernet? The single band Sky Hub is not the best wireless device.

What do you get for speed tests from post the results link as the data in the graphs rather than just the numbers is as important when looking into odd load situations.

If speeds report OK then consider changing the DNS servers used by a device, in case the Sky ones are laggy

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Standard User ukhardy07
(knowledge is power) Wed 22-Feb-17 15:04:38
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Re: Sky LLU Slow

[re: thomaswarne01] [link to this post]
Simply put if the devices are doing nothing this behaviour would not exist.

Chances are something is uploading and saturating the connection, this could be torrent clients, or something less obvious such as iPhone icloud backups, dropbox on a laptop / tablet / mobile phone uploading all of their pics etc.

Is the console connecting over WiFi, as the PS4 for instance has very poor wireless reception and anything below 80% signal is almost unusable (in my experience). Try the console wired, if it still fails chances are the bandwidth is being used somewhere.

EDIT: changing ISP is unlikely to help in this matter.

Edited by ukhardy07 (Wed 22-Feb-17 15:05:23)

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Standard User BatBoy
(sensei) Wed 22-Feb-17 19:02:43
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Re: Sky LLU Slow

[re: thomaswarne01] [link to this post]
Is everything connected over wifi?

Note for Fttc the distance that matters is from the cabinet not the exchange
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