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Standard User wilhil
(newbie) Wed 01-Mar-17 21:00:41
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Are TalkTalk, BT or myself in the wrong here?

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I've been dealing with a horrible problem for the past few weeks and have spent countless hours on the phone to BT and TalkTalk with no progress being made anywhere.

Basically, a client of mine has purchased a pub where the old owner has been kicked out. She put a cease order to BT Business for the phone and Talktalk residential for the internet.

The phone line was for the pub and my client didn't want to lose that number... that was the biggest priority.

So, I rang around to find what options I had to try to get no loss of service with both Talktalk and BT. BT said that I could do an active line takeover, which I attempted to start without any luck (at this point, I had wasted a week on the phone... callbacks that never happened from both BT and talktalk and more... )

Anyway, long story short - eventually BT were able to start the process of an active line take over - they cancelled the cease and tried to move everything over to a new account... but, they failed. They said they couldn't do any more because of an active openreach event (being the talktalk cancellation).

Throughout this time, I had several phone calls from Talktalk where each time they said it was possible to transfer the contract over, but, I need to a sign a new 12 month contract (which I don't want to do... no static ip, pppoe and... bad service). I tried to get them to cancel the cancellation and they kept saying they couldn't under the DPA.

I was getting more irate here as I tried numerous times to raise complaints but they wouldn't do a thing to help.

Come to today, internet has been cut off and I rung BT but they tell me that there is still a marker on the openreach account and they can't progress the order.

So, I'm stuck as talktalk won't deal with me.

I raised a complaint to TalkTalk's CEO office (or whatever they call it) had a stupid call where they said I can't take it any further as I am not a customer, called me a liar because BT don't do what they did... and they won't change their stance.

It is so frustrating and now DSL has been severed which is exactly what I didn't want to happen - I would have tried to put in a new line and port the number to VOIP (or attempted to), but BT told me not to do a new line as the active line takeover is fast and would have been completed by now (if it wasn't for the active marker on Openreach).. Luckily I put in a 4g antennae + modem as a backup, but, it is not ideal. I don't know who is in the wrong, or what to do next.

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Standard User RobertoS
(elder) Wed 01-Mar-17 21:13:52
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Re: Are TalkTalk, BT or myself in the wrong here?

[re: wilhil] [link to this post]
As you have some sort of internet I would advise you just to wait for BT. Particularly as they already have the line and number.

They are hamstrung by an antiquated Openreach ordering system. It is completely impossible for an order to be placed on a line while there is still an uncompleted order on the line. You are now just waiting for Openreach systems to update to show that cancellation of the TalkTalk broadband has completed.

Despite them both BT Business you are talking to and Openreach being BT Group businesses there is nothing they can do. Ofcom rules prevent it. There is a Chinese Wall that cannot be breached. Now that the TalkTalk broadband has ceased that should only be a couple of days or so.

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