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Standard User PaulKirby
(knowledge is power) Sun 02-Apr-17 07:47:37
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Anyone used a FRITZ!Box 4040 as a router ?

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Hey All

I am getting fed up with my Smart Hub becoming sluggish, auto rebooting and also loosing features after it reboots, so I thought I would look into other routers.

I have used FRITZ!box Modem / Routers before and have been very happy with them.

Sadly the one that I have isn't up to the job on my FTTP connection, so after 20 or so minutes or searching and comparing I came across the FRITZ!Box 4040 router.

They say "Wireless router for the connection to a cable/DSL/fiber optic modem or 4G/3G dongle", so I was wondering if anyone has tried this actual router before and how good it handles the fibre connection via the WAN Port.


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