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Standard User PaulKirby
(knowledge is power) Fri 01-Sep-17 16:01:46
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Scam phone call pretending they were BT LOL

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Just a heads up, I just received a phone call from 00144137185986 (looks like it might be spoofed) by an Asian guy stating that he was from BT.

I was like, Ok, what's it about.

They respond with that my broadband will be disconnected...

I said, stop right there, looking at the number, and then said to them you are not from BT due to that's not a BT number, I then state that I work for BT (LOL) and that the number is not one of our numbers.

This is where it become funny, they started to get verbally abusive to me over the phone F**k you don't work for BT plus loads of more verbal rubbish.

I responded with and our members of staff would certainly not speak to our customers like that and I then said good bye to them and then hung up on them.

It just cracks me up them really think that we are that stupid to fool for this.

But some people must fool for these scams or they wouldn't do them.

I have also sent BTCare a tweet with the required information to pass onto the right people.


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