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Standard User robmar0se
(regular) Tue 19-Sep-17 00:48:01
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Daisy Group

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Over the past few months becoming aware of Daisy Comms (ex Pipex/Tiscali). I note that TalkTalk (not unnaturally!), Coop, and Uno are using Daisy as an intermediary, trunk routing, customer support, etc.

I have to say I haven't been impressed, times taken to resolve issues (on BT lines) seems to take weeks if not months to resolve - they seem to want to avoid calling in Openreach at all costs, and this is part of the frustration that users experience (even when NTE5 test socket tests prove the issue is not within the customers' premises).

Since Xilo switched over to Uno, I am getting good sync speeds but slow throughput, often seeing page loading issues (done all the usual stuff to ensure its not our end as the issue is happening on several devices.

I do think it odd that Uno which is generally highly regarded, are using Daisy, who from what I can see from feedback so far, are pretty ordinary, that is a polite way of saying it.

I post here as there is very little I can see regarding Daisy on Think Broadband, admittedly only looking over the past hour or so. So would be interested in others experience/iopinions
Standard User Banger
(eat-sleep-adslguide) Tue 19-Sep-17 01:49:46
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Re: Daisy Group

[re: robmar0se] [link to this post]
I was originally on Daisy with Vivaciti on ADSL. I got good speeds day and night at my location. Then Vivaciti fell out with Daisy, I suspect unpaid bills and swapped my line to Enta via BTW. Speeds were dire, I contacted Enta several times with excuses such as Windows Updates were causing slowdowns.

So then I decided to move to Xilo onto Daisy/TTB and speeds were back to perfect for ADSL2+ and no downtime. I stayed with Xilo a couple of years I think then FTTC became available and Matt said I would have to move to Uno as Xilo weren't doing FTTC.

So I migrated to Uno and FTTC was enabled but sync wasn't as expected. I was getting roughly 45mbps sync where the BT checker and Uno were saying 66mbps expected but my range was 41-80. Further investigations and a friendly Engineer on here and a few pictures showed I had untwisted pair drop wire underground down my driveway. The engineer contacted his triage desk who wanted another more experienced engineer to look at my line. He came and did the sync tests at several points on my line and was getting 66mbps at the top of my drive.

The 2nd engineer arranged for my cable to be replaced by digging up my drive and putting in twisted pair underground copper. TT/Daisy wanted to review this before it went ahead which Matt objected to but eventually it went ahead and my underground feed was replaced.

I was getting 58mbps at the test socket after the replacement and an increase in upstream as well. After DLM enabled G.INP on the DS on my line the sync went up to 66mbps sync. Playing around with modems and selecting a ZyXEL modem and testing various modem leads I now have a sync of 79mbps/19mbps. I can't fault Daisy's throughput as since March when I signed up on their Fibre + package and no slowdowns or downtime and Uno (Matt) has been excellent answering my various questions.

In summary, they have been excellent both Daisy and Uno/Xilo.

Tim & freenetname
Asus DSL-N55U and ZyXEL VMG1312-B10A Bridge on 80/20 Meg Fibre
Speed Test

Current Sync: 79050/19661

Standard User uno
(knowledge is power) Tue 19-Sep-17 16:54:28
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Re: Daisy Group

[re: robmar0se] [link to this post]
There were no changes in the shift from XILO to uno - it was purely administrative in terms of getting all our comms services under one roof.

Our agreements with all suppliers are not under a "one size fits all" agreement as their other customers may be under.

I believe you submitted a ticket last night (similar names), which we explained the above but also mentioned that you are the only customer who is reporting such issue and if what you claim was true, we'd have more reports. The line in question was stable, no packet loss or high latency and had been connected for over 10 days.

Please do come back to us with the information requested so we can help further.


uno Communications
t: 0333 773 7700
Official Maidenhead, Milton Keynes & Sheffield Host

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