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Standard User TheHUNTED
(newbie) Wed 20-Sep-17 16:39:46
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Is there afault on my line?

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Hi all,

I'm currently with EE for my broadband, and have always had spedds of around 5.5Mb download speed. Recenlty I'm strugging to get 4Mb and looking at the router stats, I seem to have errors everywhere, even though I don't know what they mean. Could anyone have a look at my router stats and offer some advice. BTW, my downstream noise margin used to be around 6db, but is now 2.9db. This is the current stats, after the router reset itself approx 24hrs ago.


Configured Current
Line Status -- UP
Link Type -- Interleaved Path
Operation Mode Automatic G.992.5 (ADSL2+)
Data Rate Information
Upstream 980 (Kbps)
Downstream 4825 (Kbps)
Defect/Failure Indication
Operation Data Upstream Downstream
Noise Margin 5.6 (dB) 2.8 (dB)
Line Attenuation 30.2 (dB) 51.0 (dB)

Indicator Name Near End Indicator Far End Indicator
Output Power 12.6 (dBm) 0.0 (dBm)
Fast Path FEC Correction -- --
Interleaved Path FEC Correction 245554523 2497
Fast Path CRC Error -- --
Interleaved Path CRC Error 0 2898139
Loss of Signal Defect 1 0
Fast Path HEC Error STR -- --
Interleaved Path HEC Error 1444 1350888
Error Seconds 202655 1610
Received Data 31904608 (Kbits)
Transmitted Data 4476238 (Kbits)
Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Wed 20-Sep-17 17:30:11
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Re: Is there afault on my line?

[re: TheHUNTED] [link to this post]
Give the router one more reboot, and check what the downstream noise margin is as soon as the modem has resynced.

Its possible the modem resynced previously and while there are errors building they are not at the level to force it to resync yet. Also useful to find out if the target the modem is using is 6dB or 3dB

One option that may force a bit more stability is change the Operation mode from ADSL2+ (G.992.5) to ADSL2 G.992.3

It is possible an extra noise source has appeared causing you issues, and its also possible some in home wiring is picking up that noise, so give the test socket a whirl which will disable all your phone extensions if the wiring is done right.

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Standard User ian72
(eat-sleep-adslguide) Thu 21-Sep-17 09:03:39
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Re: Is there afault on my line?

[re: MrSaffron] [link to this post]
The 3dB SNR along with what looks like a lower speed (was getting 5.5Mb now only connecting at 4.8Mb) suggests there is new noise somewhere or a developing line fault. My suspicion is that if the router is rebooted with SNR as it currently stands it may well lose more speed as there is noise present now that may not have been present at the last reboot.

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