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Standard User baby_frogmella
(fountain of knowledge) Mon 09-Oct-17 22:07:11
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Re: Business Grant to get connected to faster broadband - ad

[re: Lordo] [link to this post]
In reply to a post by Lordo:
OK - quick update - FTTPoD is an acceptable solution for the grant scheme, and the monthly price looks acceptable on a 3 year contract. So, to confirm, will the FTTPoD become a native FTTP connection after 3 years through which I can obtain cheaper contract rates? - Would it need to remain a business contract, or could a domestic contract be used (eg - Infinity 4) - What questions would you be asking the suppliers of these quotes?

That's very good news. Correct, once you've completed your 3 year minimum term on FTTPoD you can move to any native FTTP product - business or residential offering. Alternatively you can stay with the same FTTPoD provider but move to a native FTTP product at lower cost.

If going with Cerberus, I would double check if they have any Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) wrt data limits. According to some posters on here Cerberus were saying they had an AUP of 750gb per month...which they later denied. However no such policy with Fluidone, though their monthly prices are nearly double.

FluidOne FTTP On Demand 330/30 Mbps
Netgear Nighthawk X10 running Voxel

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