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Standard User jaba
(regular) Sun 13-May-18 12:41:50
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New cabinet has slower speed ADSL

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We had a new cabinet installed nearbye as a long awaited BDUK FTTC upgrade. It has sat there for about nine months until OR finally did the live to live transfer last week.
Previously I used to sync at around 6400mbps with snr around 3-4db.

The guy who did it managed to wrongly connect the voice service of several people to each other, fortunately I was spared this.

Attenuation speed has not changed, well perhaps by 0.5db, but this varied anyway. But now the best sync speed I can get is around 5700. Thats a drop of 10% of throughput when there should have been no change. Here are the current stats :

Max: Upstream rate = 992 Kbps, Downstream rate = 6584 Kbps
Bearer: 0, Upstream rate = 444 Kbps, Downstream rate = 5785 Kbps
Link Power State: L0
Mode: ADSL2
Trellis: U:ON /D:ON
Line Status: No Defect
Training Status: Showtime
Down Up
SNR (dB): 4.7 23.1
Attn(dB): 50.5 32.4
Pwr(dBm): 0.0 12.6

What has happened doing the transfer that has screwed my line speed ? And is there anything I can do to persuade my ISP that I have a problem ?

Before anyone suggests........I know I can upgrade to FTTC/VDSL but I cannot justify the extra cost for what I use the connection for.

From life in the slow lane.
Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Sun 13-May-18 13:18:32
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Re: New cabinet has slower speed ADSL

[re: jaba] [link to this post]
Without seeing sync and SNR figures from before hard to say.

When you restart modem what is SNR showing at that point?

The 444 Kbps upstream is a bit odd since WBC services don't have a cap per se on that, suggests a PlusNet customer where they often seem to put this cap until you mention it.

In terms of an actual problem based on current stats no.

Most likely the wiring has introduced a little more noise and it does not take much to kill a few hundred Kbps from the sync.

Have you tried ADSL2+ mode this might squeeze a fraction more out of the line.

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Standard User brookheather
(learned) Sun 13-May-18 13:33:41
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Re: New cabinet has slower speed ADSL

[re: jaba] [link to this post]
Vodafone offer FTTC for only £22 per month (or £20 if you have an existing Vodafone mobile contract) - that is only a couple of quid more than basic line rental - surely worth a look if it will improve your internet speed?

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Standard User 69bertie
(member) Sun 13-May-18 18:15:47
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Re: New cabinet has slower speed ADSL

[re: jaba] [link to this post]
When our cabinet went live (a few years ago now), my ADSL speed dropped from a 2.0Mb rock steady connection to 1.2Mb. It never recovered in the month that it took to transfer me from ADSL to Fibre. You might be lucky but unless there is a line fault, you're stuck.

Standard User kitcat
(experienced) Sun 13-May-18 21:43:57
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Re: New cabinet has slower speed ADSL

[re: jaba] [link to this post]

I assume that this is a new All in one cab otherwise you wouldn't have had anything transferred.

The transfer would have added a couple of joints and up to 50 metres of copper into your line (Depending on where it has been situated in relation to the original feed) but more likely only about 2=5 metres. This would explain your decrease in speed.

There is no way out of this without moving to FTTC it is the penalty for having the choice of a faster service.

When BT move from one exchange to another adding several Km into the routing this is a major issue and means they have to make FTTC available to all the customers before industry agrees that it can be done. ( Chelsea is the last site I know of but there is one every couple of years).
Standard User jaba
(regular) Mon 14-May-18 09:04:31
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Re: New cabinet has slower speed ADSL

[re: kitcat] [link to this post]
Thanks for the replies everyone. They have shed more light on the annoying consequence of getting our own cabinet.
I will consider trying ADSL2+ again but I don't expect it to change things much with the extra length and joints as described by kitcat. The reason for changing to ADSL2 was to get better stability and this has worked so far, hence my reluctance to change.
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