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Standard User BIG_ALibaba
(newbie) Sun 21-Oct-18 10:16:59
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New Line or wait for Sky Fttp?

[link to this post]
It looks like we might be going live or are live for FTTP, (can't see a way of attaching a pic of the broadband checker) after getting the footpaths dug up about 3 years ago, the fibre suspended on poles even has its little warning signs.

Checker says:
WBC Fttp
Downstream line rate: up to 330
Upstream....: Up to 50
WBC FTTP Availability Date: Available
FTTP Install Process: Stage 1. (not sure what this means)

This it would seem is the best product long term, but I'm 8 months into an 18 month contract with SKY and the option to upgrade to FTTP doesn't appear to be an option, if it was I'd be happy enough to stick with them as the ADSL speeds of line are upto 7Mbps rather than the checker's quoted up to 3Mbps (that BT broadband were closer to).

So do I try to get an additional line with the likes of ZEN or another provider of the FTTP product, if this is even available ( not sure of process) or is SKY likely to start offering FTTP and I might be able to upgrade within a few months.
Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Sun 21-Oct-18 10:28:30
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Re: New Line or wait for Sky Fttp?

[re: BIG_ALibaba] [link to this post]

Just a question of how long, already seeing some FTTP customers but in areas with it is fibre only i.e. new build homes

1 stage install means just one visit should be needed.

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