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Standard User Spence9
(newbie) Wed 24-Aug-11 22:08:36
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Caveat on Installing Exterior Antenna Devices

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Hello everyone, this is my first post and would like to take this opportunity to thank
you for the information I received from this forum in regards to extending a cable for a dongle. I live in a trough surrounded by mature trees so reception is at best a blinking last notch 2 on the Bell modem scale on the second floor. I've contracted with Rogers(Canadian) for their "stick" but have very poor reception. Thankfully your site gave me a window of hope. I'll give the advice a try.

One thing came to mind, and forgive me if it has been already mentioned. Just a bit higher than the highest point of the device or cable whichever is higher, I would attach a pointed lightning spike of copper, and have the lead of no less than 00 gauge copper wire firmly bolted to it. This wire is long enough to follow the mast, insulated from it with insulators, and go to ground and then buried in a 6ft trench of 3 or 4 ft deep in moist ground. The cable is laid flat along this trench and buried. The lead should not pass through holes such has bored timbers,etc. I'm thinking primarily of high towers attached to homes. Caravans would present a lower profile and perhaps would be of minor concern. A contraption is probably already on the market for vacationers.

It is not guaranteed that lightning will follow this path has it is known to be obstinate and
take some circuitous routes occasionally, has firefighters would attest, but it should provide at least 85% protection of your computer. Surge protectors will not protect from a direct hit and indeed one could find a smoldering mass of computer parts at best, at worst a building fire.

Again thanks for tip.

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