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Standard User sobranie
(experienced) Wed 16-Nov-11 21:37:56
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BlackGold High Definition PCI-e Card, Dual DVB-T/T2, Dual Di

[link to this post]
Anyone using subject card please? Your views pos/neg greatly appreciated.
Standard User Desmond
(sensei) Wed 23-Nov-11 07:47:40
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Re: BlackGold High Definition PCI-e Card, Dual DVB-T/T2, Dua

[re: sobranie] [link to this post]
I've been using one for the best part of a year (since it first came out). It works so long as you're not expecting Dolby Digital sound on Freeview (Freeview HD uses HE-AAC rather than AAC-LC for encoding Dolby Digital and since WIndows doesn't currently support this so all you get is two channel PCM). if you want Dolby then you'd need a dish and DVB-S2 card, but WIndows doesn't properly support DVB-S2 either so this takes some trickery, but it can be made to work.


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