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Standard User moggsy
(committed) Wed 02-May-12 21:40:19
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Draytek 2710n

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Hi all

Been looking to upgrade my home router to something with a few more options.

Always fancied having a Draytek as they seem to have the lot. However, just when I was thinking of taking the plunge, I had a call off a friend who asked if could help a mate out of his, who was having trouble wirelessly printing off his...Draytek!!

He'd tried all the obvious things, but I repeated them just in case... When it failed to print for me too (even though the laptop could see the wireless printer, I suspected the port settings...

I followed their advice to check compatibility for hardware and sure enough, his printer/AOI (a HP Officejet J4680) wasn't on their (not too comprehensive list!!)

I'm not too convinced on manufact's compatability lists - they don't always seem very accurate - but as I've also got an AOI at my house, it's dented my belief that I should get one - surely - as it's not a new model - it should have been on their list of supported devices!!


Confucious he say; "Swinging chain mean warm seat!" smile
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