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Standard User DIOGENES
(committed) Wed 23-Jul-14 20:14:43
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G4 iBook - Mains Adaptor alias Battery Charger

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G4 iBook - Mains Adaptor alias Battery Charger
(this topic has been raised in Apple Forum but requires some specialist hardware know how, hence now using this Forum).
Our 2004 era G4 iBook continues to work well, but the Mains Adaptor aka Battery Charger seems on the way out.
It gets HOT, especially the first 6 inches of output cord, with intermittent power output.

Is there any reliable supplier of a good replacement for Part A1036 45 Watt, connection suited to 8 mm socket on G4 iBook A1055, M9388B/A , Serial No. UV407AKNQE4 ?

There seem to be several suppliers of dodgy items, judging by web comments.

One supplier on Amazon appears promising:
But this has a power rating of 60W, which exceeds the 45W of the original.
I am unsure if that could cause damage, as the max current is 2.7A compared with 1.875A on the original.
The vendor has not replied to a question - not a good sign.

One view is that a 60W charger is OK as it will only be asked to deliver 45W, but I don't know enough about batteries and laptops to be sure that is valid.
Any views on this or other possibilities?

I assume the original Apple charger is not repairable.
Standard User BatBoy
(legend) Wed 23-Jul-14 20:50:46
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Re: G4 iBook - Mains Adaptor alias Battery Charger

[re: DIOGENES] [link to this post]
In reply to a post by MrSaffron:
The power supply will only supply what is demanded of it, so a higher rating is better and if built right should actually last longer since it will have been designed (hopefully) to cope with the higher demand.

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