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Standard User longedge
(committed) Sat 14-May-16 11:18:12
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Netgear R6250 router - 'Readyshare' very slow.

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I wonder if there's anybody with a Netgear router using Readyshare who has resolved problem with slow transfer rates?

I've got an R6250 and have a 1TB USB 3 dirve attached to it. It's been a bit flaky at times since I first installed it but now the data transfer rates have dropped from the 20 odd MBps I was getting to just 1 or 2 MBps. It always starts out at 20 MBps or thereabouts but then immediately drops right down. Transfers complete eventually but the Win10 window showing the transfer details looks just like a saw tooth across the bottom of the graph.

I can find dozens of instances where people have similar problems going back quite a few years but I can't find anything to say that there's a way to resolve it??
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