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Standard User OCdragon
(experienced) Wed 06-Sep-17 17:08:12
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What special about Epson SX515W setup-cable for wireless?

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I am trying to re-setup my couple of years old Epson SX515W wireless printer for my son's university use. It has been installing the SX515W printer driver and scan-driver alright in my laptop, but it still prompts to fit the Epson so-called USB Setup cable previously provided by Epson, between my laptop's USB and Epson SX515W's Min-USB for completing its final phase of wireless detections. However as I couldn't find that Epson's Setup cable any more, I just use the ordinary USB-Min USB cable from the other PC, but it just couldn't work, i.e. my laptop couldn't detect my SX515W printer even though the USB-to-MiniUSB cable was connecting. So is the Epson's USB-Min USB cable SPECIAL, i.e. it might have "special-connectivities" not privided in the normal USB-Min USB cable?


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Standard User camieabz
(sensei) Wed 06-Sep-17 20:31:32
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Re: What special about Epson SX515W setup-cable for wireless

[re: OCdragon] [link to this post]
Not sure. Have you tried -

Most likely the manual setup. Maybe double check printer default IP / net isn't screwing with the setup?
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