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Standard User OCdragon
(experienced) Sat 07-Oct-17 16:57:43
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HP Compaq 615 Notebook's LED Indicator problem?

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I have had the above HP 615 Notebook for almost 10 years when my daughter first went to her Secondary School. It has been upgraded to Windows 10 Home 32-bits OS and been working satisfactory since 2016. Today I have made up my mind that I should update its to the "latest" MS recommended Windows 10 files, which was quite a lengthy process involving quite a few restarts as well. During its updates every thing seemed to go well except I have noticed that its Indicating LEDs for "Power"and "Harddisk-Activity" external Indications were all blank and had no indications at all even my Notebook was ON and operative at the time.
Would it be these round of MS latest W10 updates causing it, or it was just a "coincidence" due to this Notebook's hardware failure?
Does anyone in here has come across this AFTER the latest MS Windows 10 updates, or it could be a coincidential Notebook hardware failure?

Intel E4300 OC with 2GB RAMs,Speedtouch 585 Modem/Router and Windows10 !
Current ISP: Plusnet FTTC
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