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Standard User Damo_clover
(newbie) Tue 22-Mar-16 20:30:59
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Hyperoptic in Salford

[link to this post]

Can you confirm when you'll be installing in Blackfriar Court, Salford?

Also do you install in housing estates?
ISP Representative Hyperoptic_CS
(isp) Wed 23-Mar-16 10:52:25
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Re: Hyperoptic in Salford

[re: Damo_clover] [link to this post]
Hello Damo_clover,

Although we have no immediate plans to install into Blackfriar Court, this is subject to change depending on the demand. If you would like to help change this and become a champion for your development, please visit You'll be able to learn more about our Champion Scheme and benefits that come from Hyperoptic as a sign of gratitude for helping us grow.

In addition, yes - we do install into estates that consist largely of flats, however, if there is demand from residents, we’ll work with the building management to make it so!


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