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Standard User pedrovski
(newbie) Thu 05-Apr-18 12:38:51
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HO IPv6 roll out started.

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The long promised IPv6 rollout on Hyperoptic has now started. I have it and it's working fine. The good news is that Hyperoptic seem to have done a decent job of it.

If you are using the HO provided router you don't have to do anything, it will just work. You may well have it already without even realising...

If, like me, you do not use the HO router, things are still just as good. HO have gone with a very standard (typical) method to provision IPv6 and there is nothing odd or unexpected to deal with. The initial Link Local config is done with SLAAC and your Prefix Delegation can be obtained via DHCPv6. I'm getting a /56 PD, so I assume that everyone else will too.

There is currently no information anywhere that I can find from HO regarding IPv6 setup for those using their own router, so if this is you then all you really need to know is that you can use SLAAC & DHCPv6 PD. A careful search on Google should get you the info you need for your particular router.

Good to see HO get this right, well done HO!
ISP Representative Hyperoptic_CS
(isp) Fri 06-Apr-18 17:15:15
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Re: HO IPv6 roll out started.

[re: pedrovski] [link to this post]
Thanks so much, we begun roll out some time ago and we're glad to hear that you're the latest beneficiary.

We appreciate your feedback and we find it to be truly valuable. It will be leading to us updating the FAQs to include IPv6 set-up guide for non-hyperoptic routers. They usually pick up on the settings automatically, but we'll be posting the steps to follow when that isn't the case, to make sure you can benefit from having an IPv6 address straight away from the moment when you receive it.

Keep an eye on our website and, thanks to you bringing this to our attention, there will be an FAQs page dedicated to this soon from now.

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