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Standard User Taub
(experienced) Tue 03-May-11 16:59:30
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Afternoon all.

Recently I moved out of the rents' home, leaving them with the Home Supermax broadband package, which simply won't get used anywhere near as much as it was when I lived there. I'm led to believe there's a charge for downgrading to a cheaper package (most likely down to Home Lite), but cannot find anything conclusive, nor can I find a way to do it via the website.

Does anyone know for sure what the procedure is and how much it'll cost?



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Standard User rikbean
(eat-sleep-adslguide) Tue 03-May-11 18:14:10
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Re: Downgrading

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There's a charge, I think it used to be around £15+VAT, as BT make a charge for carrying out the switch. BT also charge for the upgrade, but IDNet absorb that as you'll be paying them more. smile

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