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Standard User GUB
(member) Mon 25-Sep-17 10:18:54
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Old email

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Have a regularly used but quite old idnetfreemail email account. Recently I've see intermittent connection to it (days where it won't connect, then reconnects briefly). Anyone else experienced this and do I need to update my email settings?
Standard User flyinggate
(member) Mon 25-Sep-17 15:03:45
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Re: Old email

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Hi GUB, I feel you pain, but you are not alone,

I have had loads of problems over the last few weeks/months with .freemail, and .com email accounts, went through with tech support changing server details etc that had worked perfectly for the last ten years, I get a few stable days then I too cannot receive again. I also noted that on the last occasion I could not get onto idnet's website which was the clue that I had been booted of the system completely as according to them I had too many failed logins, people sending me emails were having them bounce back as account unknown. Very helpful support, but not sure anything has improved long term. I have been with Idnet 11 years but I am starting think it is time to move on. I can understand the them not worrying too much with the free email addresses as part of your broadband package, but cost extra a month.
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