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Standard User acpsd775
(experienced) Wed 16-Apr-14 14:05:29
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youview over wireless AP

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Hi can anyone possibly tell me this this will work with the youview box from BT to get the IP channels, from my understanding the device has to support IGMP to support multicast channels and from the manual i see it dose mention both multicast and IGMP but dose not give much detail about them.

Basically wanting to put a YV box at my grandmas house for her to watch my premium channels, i already have 3 boxes in my house 2 directly in to the router one via a home plug and they work fine. dont use the 3rd one just wanted to make sure it supported three at once the 3rd one is the one im wanting to move to her house with the bridge but at £50 its a fair bit of money to chunk out encase it dont work


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