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Standard User j112
(committed) Mon 25-Aug-14 09:08:24
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ProgDVB Port Forwarding?

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Hi Guys,

1X USB Sat Tune
1X Desktop PC
1X Sky Fibre Broadband Router
1X Fibre Modem (Standard one)
1X Laptop (Connected to a friends network to see if it works over the "internet" as opposed to locally on the same network)
*1X Static IP (this will be requested later<<)

I hope you can help. Basically what I'm trying to achieve is to stream FreeSat channels over the internet. I have a desktop pc with a USB sat card plugged in. All free sat channels work fine. I am using software called "progdvb" to view these channels. The program has a built in server that allows you to stream channels over the internet. I have done everything I think to make it work but it still does not funciton. To be able to stream you need to open ports 10999-11000 I have done this and verfied with a port checker that these ports are open. I have also disabled windows firewall and antivirus and the firewall on the Sky Router.

On the laptop (Client machine) I've also disabled all firewalls and done port forwarding on here even though it may not be required. I've even put this into a DMZ as well as the server still does not play.

The problem I am having is that by going to my ip address (152.X.X.X) using a friends connection II can bring up the channel list. However when ever I click on a channel it points to ( <My server machine) of course this will not play as this machine is not on the same network.

Do you think there is a problem with port forwarding?
Do I need to login in to the Huawei Modem as when I looked at the WEB GUI a long time ago it did have options for firewalls? or does the Sky Router over-ride the firewall rules?

Hope you guys can help

***Update found the solution the program has a seperate module called Internet Gate Server which I need to install***


Broadband History

Exchange: Montfort

1st Ntl World Dial Up
2nd Pipex 512k/1Mb
3rd UK Online- 4.5Mb
4th Zen - (Never got connected ! Tags on the line!)
5th Sky - 3.5Mb
6th Virgin Media 30Mb
7th Sky FTTC 40Mb (Cancelled after two days due to DLM/Poor Internal Wiring)
8th Virgin Media 60Mb
Current Virgin Media 100Mb

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