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Standard User MsDizzie
(newbie) Sat 28-Nov-15 22:50:58
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NowTV (2015) / Roku

[link to this post]
Did a bit of research on the black NowTV box and the Roku streamers (the black box appears to be a Roku 2 that has been tailored to suit Sky). My current isp is VirginMedia.

Seems like a bit of "black art" to get these devices to play nicely on VM as follows:
You may see the error message 014 during the setup of your NOW TV box, when connecting your NOW TV box to your wireless network.

To move past the error message, you’ll need to complete the following sequence on your NOW TV box remote control. This must be done in quick succession:

Home (x5)
Fast Forward
Fast Forward

If the above is done correctly, a new screen will appear called ‘Platform Secret Screen’ which will display two green bars and four options. Please select ‘Disable Network Pings’ from the list of available options.

Next, click back on your remote control until you reach the 'Connection Setup' page, and try to connect to a network.

If the steps don't work, please reset your NOW TV Box, then try to connect to your wireless network again.

Then I remembered that I had done the following to get the BQM working:

I have the new Virgin Media Superhub R36 firmware, how do I get the BQM to work?
Version R36 and later of the firmware used for the Virgin Media superhub on their cable broadband services, has resulted in a change to the user interface in regards to enabling ping/icmp responses on the WAN interface.

Navigate to routers web interface
Under the Advanced Settings -> Tools -> Ping menu
Tick the WAN Ping Respond box
Apply/Save changes
BQM should soon start showing ping responses, rather than solid red

Fired up the Now TV box with no problems, so I didn't have to go through "The Remote Button Routine"

So... erm, shouldn't VM users be advised to make the changes at the Superhub instead of the NowTV/Roku box?
Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Wed 02-Dec-15 22:21:52
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Re: NowTV (2015) / Roku

[re: MsDizzie] [link to this post]
If it was just getting the router to respond to internet pings then all BT users with the HomeHubs where there is no option to turn on Internet ping responses will be in trouble

Would have expected to have a few moaning BT customers by now

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