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Standard User bobrey
(newbie) Mon 01-May-17 05:05:06
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Sky Q or multiroom

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At present in our large old stone cottage we have a Sky service which includes multiroom with ability to record on the multiroom box in addition to the main Sky box. Because of location,walls etc the secondary box connects to internet via a BT broadband Home Hub whilst the main Sky box connects via Sky broadband ie both boxes on different broadband connections. It is necessary for my parents & I to have 2 separate BB connections.
I am considering upgrading to SKY Q both main box & mini box to replace existing 2 old style recording Sky boxes and instead rely on the main Q box to record different programmes for different viewing for myself as well as my parents.

My question is does Sky Q box & Sky Q minin box have to be linked via common BB network on same router or can I still use existing arrangement to serve main room plus parent's room both with different BB routers/suppliers?
Standard User ferretuk
(member) Mon 01-May-17 08:03:23
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Re: Sky Q or multiroom

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Both boxes will need to be on the same local network so the two ISP setup won't work.

Is running Cat5 cable between rooms an option? If not, you could try using powerline adapters to extend the Sky BB network?

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