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Standard User ihobson
(fountain of knowledge) Mon 16-May-11 09:47:51
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Using Time Capsule on adsl2+

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Hi all
I've got some friends trying to use a time capsule on a BT ADSL2+ line. They also have 5 static IP addresses (though when I visited, it did seem to me the IP was being dynamically assigned).

Can anyone recommend a configuration for this - in particular use of a modem and the way time capsule is to be configured? If a modem/router is used, how should the TC be configured to support the 5 addresses. It is MOST important that the TC be available to users remotely.

I have used a Draytek modem (110/120) to reasonable effect with a time capsule, but not with multiple IP's. My friends have been told NOT to use the Draytek (I initially had problems with it, but I understand a BT Radius problem was discovered and fixed, and after that, the Draytek seemed to work fine. What is nice is that no configuration is required - it's all in the TC, but you can't seem to access it to find speed and other parameters). Not sure whether the anti-Draytek sentiment is left over from this old problem or something else.

I have tried their TC with a Belkin router, and while it's working (after some messing around), the TC is not viewable externally (despite uPNP being on in Belkin). I suspect the TC needs to do more of the NAT stuff and the Belkin less, but not sure how to get this config working.

Many thanks
ps a frequent poster years ago, but been missing out on my mac comrades for several years now, sorry about that!
Standard User nonymouse
(experienced) Mon 16-May-11 20:44:23
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Re: Using Time Capsule on adsl2+

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Hi Ian,
Sorry I can't help, but welcome back...

I did follow your blog for a while til you stopped!!


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