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Standard User Guest_Again
(legend) Wed 22-Jun-11 23:25:08
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iPhone 5

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Would be good to see a complete new design for the iPhone 5 - Changing the whole design back to something like the 3 GS imo. Or am I just getting old?

New/Improved features are always good, and Apple DO do a smashing and innovative job of that, but how can they improve anything iPhone (apart from the fact that the 3gs had better/handier cases)? smirk

My MBP shows as being 15 months old now and it is 'just' absolutely superb, whereas it used-to-be TOTALLY phenomenal. Does Apple have to improve on these too? I mean, I want to sell my kidney for a new one, but I don't want to stop using THIS ONE? - Am I mad? crazy

And I loaded Moom from the App Store today - a very handy wee App for resizing/positioning all your windows.
All these things make the Mac even MORE fun to use - an absolute pleasure in fact.
It's easy to see why it's easy to keep enjoying all things Apple.
It is a pleasure to own and use - the keyboard which lights up flawlessly every time - the position of the keys, and the spacing between them makes it feel like it's been moulded for your fingers.

And darn, there ain't nothing that it can't handle. Did Apple make it all too perfect? Nope, I think that they are only getting just started, but will be starting head and shoulders above the rest. EASY.

I'm just loving it now and I always prepare for what will be next, and to be surprised by too. I'm not a fanboy, but I haven't been disappointed so far. Except fot the prices. crazy

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