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Standard User MissFloopster
(newbie) Thu 10-May-12 15:04:20
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Best broadband service for Mac in Northern Ireland?

[link to this post]
Hi all ... I'll be moving to Northern Ireland/Belfast soon and would appreciate feedback on the best available, Mac-friendly, broadband service there. I'm not necessarily looking for the cheapest one but rather for the most reliable one as I depend on a connection for my work.

I have zero experience with broadband providers in the UK/Ireland so any feedback, tips, etc. is most welcome.

Thanks much!
Standard User Kaoshan
(committed) Fri 11-May-12 02:31:25
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Re: Best broadband service for Mac in Northern Ireland?

[re: MissFloopster] [link to this post]
The type of computer you have is irrelevant for a broadband connection. More important is the reliability/effectiveness of your connection to BB via your router and the QOS from your chosen ISP. As you say you will depend on BB for your work you should opt for a business package.

This link shows some of the packages available in NI.
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