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Standard User Desmond
(sensei) Sun 17-Jun-12 22:57:03
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Trackpad fixed!

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I just fixed a trackpad issue I have been having with my nearly 4 year old unibody Macbook. The solution was completely unexpected - I took the spring loaded battery out! This also solved my strange case distortion issue. The odd thing here being that there was no spring! It seems that my ailing battery had swollen up and thus been pressing up on the trackpad preventing me from pressing it down and and down on the case and thus distorting it. Once I opened the case the pillow like battery flew out as if there was a spring! Needless to say that I just ordered a new battery!

Other unibody Macbook owners with similar issues might want to check their batteries.


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Standard User uno
(fountain of knowledge) Mon 18-Jun-12 00:09:31
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Re: Trackpad fixed!

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You might want to check this with Apple... even though it will be (OW) out of warranty, I am sure that Apple had a battery replacement program for some older Macs of a similar generation due to this exact problem.

Apple don't always stick to their self imposed time scales. A friends old MB (white) which was 5 years old had cracked casing.. the replacement extension for that ended a year or more ago but they're still offering it (even if unofficially).

Might be worth a try?


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