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Standard User dsch
(member) Wed 02-Jan-13 18:28:07
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Office for Mac 2004 Excel Crashes

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I have consistently had problems with MS 2004 Excel freezing. I result to using Force Quit and relaunching the application. I've just had a session that froze every other calculation, the worst yet. Virtually at a standstill. Thankfully it was a small document with only a few calculations. Any ideas on how to solve this problem?

I am running the latest version of Snow Leopard, 10.6.8, on mid 2010 iMac.

Standard User ian72
(knowledge is power) Thu 03-Jan-13 09:46:43
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Re: Office for Mac 2004 Excel Crashes

[re: dsch] [link to this post]
Considered an upgrade to a more recent version of office that may have fixed the issue?
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