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Standard User billford
(elder) Mon 01-Apr-13 16:51:19
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Mountain Lion and Siri

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Picked this up in a Mac OS X Hints RSS:
Apparently Apple has included a pre-release version of Siri in 10.8.3. While I've gotten Siri to work in Stickies, it doesn't seem to be accessible from any other OS X apps. This may be a mistake; it may be testing code that was not removed from the final release, and this may explain why 10.8.3 went through so many betas.

To turn on Siri in Stickies, run the following Terminal command:

defau1ts write personalAssistant -bool true

After you run this command, launch Stickies, and, while pressing the Option key, press the fn key twice. A small popup will appear in the current note with an icon similar to the Siri icon on iOS. Speak into your Mac's microphone - either an internal or external mike - and Siri will do your bidding.
Anyone know anything about it or tried it?

edit- Maybe the date should be borne in mind...

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