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Standard User Ripley
(experienced) Fri 28-Aug-15 20:46:15
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iOS Wifi Roaming

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I've notice a strange problem with wifi roaming on iOS. Recently ive installed 4 x Devolo wifi access powerline adapters to give good coverage all over the house. The setup works fantastic with my Sony laptop, full signal seamlessly everwhere.

I was disappointed to find that my iPhone 6 doesn't roam between access points. Ive read up on the internet and iOS 8 makes wifi clings to the original signal until it drops out, so even with good signal all over the house you have to wait for the connection to become unusable before it changes over. I appreciate this is an Apple issue that I can do nothing about.

My question however...ive also got an ipad air, running the same operating system, and that roams seamlessly about the house

What is different with the ipad and how is it getting around the problem that the iPhone suffers?

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