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Standard User DIOGENES
(committed) Wed 30-Sep-15 21:33:24
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[link to this post]
Here is a query which is tricky to locate in the right forum.
PANA camera DMC-FZ38 looks after identifying each photo with folder and file numbers, such as
P101 0999.
When each folder is full the camera automatically creates a new folder and starts photo/file number at 0001 again.
ALL effortless and no problem.
UNTIL you get a new camera and do not want to have new and old photos with the same number!
Or, as in my case, you need to start a new project with all the photos for just that project held within a new folder.
The user documentation is not helpful for this fairly common situation.

I did think I had found an answer in
2015-02-10 Š Mark Stonich wrote:
The method shown there is what I had done before, to start my FZ150 at P1500001.JPG.
Too much work as I wanted to start my FZ1000 @ P2000001.JPG and my next camera, a ZS50, @ P3000001.JPG. So I tried something that seemed too easy. But works, at least on the FZ1000 (and hopefully on the ZS50/TZ70).
I formatted an SD card and took one photo.
Put the card in my Mac and renamed the folder to 199_PANA and the photo to P1990999.JPG ignoring all previous folder numbers.
Put the card back in my FZ1000 and took a few shots that ended up being named P2000001.JPG ÉP2000004.JPG in folder 200_PANA
Deleted everything on the card in my Mac and then re-formatted it in the camera. Next shot was P2000005.JPG in folder 200_PANA
I think IÕll have to be careful that, with 3 Panasonics, I donÕt use a card thatÕs been in another camera without re-formatting it.
Mark later added that, sadly, this procedure does not work on the ZS50.
But that did not work for my F38 and MacBookPro on 10.8.5.
The bit above labelled " ended up being named P2000001.JPG " just did not happen.

My query is - Does anyone know of a procedure that does work for my camera and computer?
Standard User ian72
(eat-sleep-adslguide) Thu 01-Oct-15 08:44:16
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[re: DIOGENES] [link to this post]
If you are willing to spend a little money then Adobe Lightroom has the ability to rename files - personally I use the date/time stamp if renaming in order to give unique filenames to every photo that can be easily sorted. Wide range of options to customise the filename.

I am sure there are many other programmes that can do this sort of renaming and I dare say some of them are free but Lightroom is the one I currently go for.
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