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Standard User Shielder
(experienced) Thu 22-Dec-11 13:36:40
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Bluetooth issues

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Hi all,

I've got a Samsung Tocco Lite and I've recently got myself a bluetooth headset (Nokia BH-105). Aside from the fact that the headset is the most abysmal piece of design I've ever encountered (note to self, ignore marketing blurb on box, it lies) I cannot get the headset or phone to talk to each other after making a phone call using them.

I can make and answer calls using the headset, once. After that, the headset starts to beep at me, once every 30 seconds or so. I then cannot make or recieve any calls using the headset. The phone still sees the headset as being connected, I just can't use it at all.

I think it may be the headset that is the problem, but I'm not too sure.

Any hints would be gratefully recieved.


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