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Standard User signboy
(newbie) Tue 16-Jul-13 21:11:10
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Sierra Raven with ATT Wireless Noise Problems

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I am operating a few digital billboards and communicate with those boards via Sierra Raven wireless modems with ATT as my ISP. Dedicated IP addresses for each sign. I am experiencing frequent time outs and high noise levels on one of the signs. The engineers at the sign factory are insistent that ATT is the problem, noise levels are high. I have ruled out the modems and have had them along with the IP addresses for over 5 years now with very little issues. A 2nd one works great and is only 10 feet away, but seems to be operating off a different tower than the troubled one. I am a newbie to this technology so am asking if anyone out there has more expertise, and can offer some input.
Standard User techguy
(experienced) Sun 28-Jul-13 13:46:12
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Re: Sierra Raven with ATT Wireless Noise Problems

[re: signboy] [link to this post]

The focus of this board is the UK market so you might want to look at some US based boards for more specific assistance.

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