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Standard User camieabz
(sensei) Sat 03-Aug-13 06:05:59
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Mobile network cooling off period?

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Imagine the scenario where I buy a smartphone online, with a 24 month contract. One where the phone is free and has unlimited data.

The phone arrives, but I find that there's no reception at the house (inside or out, but even without the former, it would be bad news).

Is there a realistic and easy cooling off period for networks / phones in this sense?

My points:

1) I had no idea of the reception other than online maps provided by networks.

2) I have to insert the sim and test the device to ascertain if there's coverage.

There would be little point in trying another phone or network if I find it works elsewhere. Now I'm relatively aware of my distance selling rights, but am concerned that mobile contract providers are not exactly easy to get such matters resolved (especially if support is non-UK).

This is a what-if scenario, and I'm just thinking through a few things up front.

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Standard User ukhardy07
(fountain of knowledge) Sat 03-Aug-13 07:15:50
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Re: Mobile network cooling off period?

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Carphone warehouse have a 14 day period where you can switch networks freely.

With network 3 it's quite common to find your property has no service largely due to their no 2g & low transmit power from their fairly sparsely populated masts compared to O2 & EE (now having orange & t mobile sites too). Also the frequency they use doesn't penetrate buildings well.

If you order elsewhere I think it's a different policy network to network

If you go onto the network operator sites it should give you an idea. I've found them to be fairly accurate with the odd exception.

Also look here
With the sitefinder EE, orange and t mobile haven't given data in 5 - 10 years so in lots of areas it looks like they don't have a mast nearby whereas they actually have a few. So only use it for O2, Vodafone and 3, where it's upto date much more. Use the ee coverage for ee orange and t mobile.

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