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Standard User TLM
(legend) Thu 06-Feb-14 15:26:16
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SIM card registration failed

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I've got a Nokia N8 I've had two or three years. It's had the same SIM card since new.

I'm on O2 PAYG.

Definitely working fine up until yesterday.

Today - all day - I've had no signal bars for the mobile phone signal.

Checked the postcode on the O2 service status webpage, and they claim all services working normally, although they do mention work scheduled on the masts for tomorrow, 7th Feb. Coincidence, or...?

Anyway, switched phone off and on again, and am now getting the message: "SIM card registration failed", which I didn't have before I rebooted. Is this likely to be simply a function of the network being unreachable - even though O2 don't acknowledge any service issues - or does it mean my phone has packed up?

Standard User TLM
(legend) Fri 07-Feb-14 11:39:55
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The solution (in case anyone has similar prob)

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A/C had been deactivated for lack of use - I only ever use the phone for emergencies, but it had had incoming calls, up to and including the day before deactivation. frown

Luckily they have re-enabled it, and restored the credit - which was a lot.

I thoroughly recommend the O2 live chat - saved the price of a phonecall, and did not get stuck in a queue listening to muzak. Agent was very patient when I had great difficulty getting the SIM out of the phone to tell her the number.

Praise where it's due.

Whilst I do not agree with accounts being deactivated simply because you didn't use them for a long time (could have been a serious problem if I'd suddenly needed the phone), they couldn't have been more helpful about sorting it out, and I didn't lose any of the credit.

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