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Standard User JamieP
(regular) Thu 23-Jul-15 14:54:30
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Problem Flashing Android Device

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I have an infuriating problem with a CS918 android box. The box completely locked up on me and wouldn't even boot up. I have since attempted to find a correct stock ROM img for the device and I am now 99% certain I have one after trying some others that would boot and partially work.

This ROM will boot up and work perfectly, the desktop wallpaper etc. all look the same as the original manufacturers setup and the device will run all apps perfectly. Ethernet, WiFi and Bluetooth all work.

However that the device will fail to boot, there isn't even a boot screen on any subsequent boot attempts.
I can flash the box again and repeat the process - 1 single successful boot after reflashing, then failure.

Any ideas?


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