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Standard User vodafoneuser
(newbie) Sun 20-Feb-11 23:46:13
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vodafone 3g dongle

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i used a vodafone 3g dongle for 2 years and had to change to broadband via phone link because i use i tunes it was taking me 1-2 hours to download music and even then didnt download properly. now im on a home hub it takes 3 minutes to download an album. i use tesco broadband for the simple reason i get 15mbps download speed and there call centre is english and their intenet partner(carrier) is cable and wireless one of the biggest telecoms companys in the world and also use BTOpen reach for line faults
Standard User 5km
(knowledge is power) Mon 21-Feb-11 13:09:31
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Re: vodafone 3g dongle

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